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CEWM Homag
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About enterprise CEWM Homag

Company CEWM (Caucasus Euro Woodworking Machinery) is an exclusive dealer of the Homag Group company in Azerbadzhana and Georgia.

50 years ago on January 1, 1960 the largest producer of the woodworking equipment - HOMAG concern was founded, and its impressive history of success from this point began. From small firm to Gerhard Schuler and Eugen Hornberger, two founders, it was succeeded to create the major world concern taking the leading positions in woodworking branch with total number of employees more than 5000 people. Since 2007 the HOMAG Group AG firm is registered also at the exchange. On the woodworking equipment of Homag, first of all, elements of furniture, windows, floor coverings, ladders, and also the equipment for wooden frame and panel housing construction are made. Innovative inventions, such as creation of the first kromkooblitsovochny machine, awakened wide interest which use allowed firm of Homag to create early enough accurate strategy for development of the international market. In 70 years creation of an extensive network of the trade and service organizations began, also exclusive trade partners in all important regions of sale appeared. From 16 firms – the producers of the woodworking equipment entering into group 5 are outside Germany. Along with Spain and the USA the concern is guided also by emerging markets in South America, Asia and Eastern Europe and makes here first of all standard machines for the corresponding regional requirement. Because Homag early declared itself as about the world enterprise, 80% of a turnover of firm make sales the abroad, at the same time machines and installations are exported to more than 100 countries of the world.


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